WinMXWorld Trouble-shooting Guide

Before we get into the questions and hopefully answers that can be found on this page, I'd like to put up a small disclaimer about this area.
I'm sure most of you have seen every kind of FAQ there is in the world on many subjects, I did a lot of research before deciding how to put this one together.  I simply hate the way most of these go, and the FAQ is really such an inadequete word to use for this area.

I wish I had a magic system to put in place that didn't require you to do any looking at all, to find answers for your questions however, that is simply not possible.  WinMX is a complex p2p system and the key to understanding and enjoying it is to know more about it.  My hope is that it's been layed out well enough that you will find answers for issues you're having and that you can find information you want to learn about it easily enough.

Below are a list of things we see users asking in the help rooms and on the forum often and links to possible answers for those issues.

If you're more experienced with WinMX, or maybe you would just like to have a browse through the pages themselves the main index can be found here:
WinMX Help Index


Common Issues Users Have With WinMX

WinMX General Issues and Help
Is WinMX still free?
What's the latest version of WinMX?
I have an older version still, will it work?
I thought WinMX shut down?
How can I get connected?
I've heard fake files can be removed on WinMX, how?
Why is it flashing yellow?
WinMX Keeps Crashing/Error then Closes
Are there limits to sharing files?

[hidden='How do you share files on WinMX?']
>> Sharing Files on WinMX v3.31/3.53
>> Sharing Files on WinMX v3.54 beta4[/hidden]
Browse and/or Whois problems?

Connection Issues
Flashing yellow on networks page.
[hidden='Whats the difference between primary connection and secondary?']
>> Primary Connection Explained
>> Secondary Connection Explained[/hidden]
Ports, What are they? How can I set mine Right?
Firewall problems.


Primary Usage Issues
I can't Download files.
I've heard RIAA/MPAA companies flood fakes and use primaries like me, how can i stop this?
What does the stuff in the title bar mean (P=, S=, spm)?
I have S=0, is there a problem?
When on Primary I can't search or get a chat list?
My uploads are not working on Primary.
I can't browse myself on Primary.
What should my settings be for Primary for bandwidth and things?


Secondary Issues
I can't download?
My uploads are not working?
I suddenly can't get search results or chat list?
I cant Browse users or Whois them?
I can't set ports up, can I still Use WinMX?
I'm diconnecting alot.
I keep getting 'Both Users Firewalled' error when i download.
Why do the numbers on my name keep changing?
If I'm on secondary do I need to set up ports?


Library/Shared Files Issues
How do I share files, I'm on WinMX v3.54beta 4?
How do I share files, I''m on WinMX v3.53/3.31?
What are the limits to sharing?
I'm sharing files but users can't see them?
How can I add more file types to share?
Someone found files on my Browse Im NOT sharing?
My name is showing on my files?


Chat Help/Issues
I've never tried Chat is it safe?
How do I get into Chat rooms?
How can I find rooms to join?
I can't get a Chat List/or am getting a Partial list?
Someone in the Chat Rooms is harrasing me, what can I do, Who do I report that too?
How can I host a room using WinMX?
My Room doesn't show up for me in the list?


Searching Issues
I'm not getting many/any results, I'm on primary.
I'm not getting many/any results, I'm On Secondary.
How do I avoid fake files?
What do some of the options on the Search Screen do?
What should my settings be for Searching?
I'm on Dial up, how can I make the most of it for searching?
How do I protect myself from viruses and spyware?
There is all sorts of wierd characters and gibberish in the results?


HotList/Ignore Issues
How can I add someone permanently to my hotlist?
Users I have ignored are still getting into my que, how?


Transfers Issues/Help
[hidden='Everyone trying to connect to me for files times out (uploads don't work).']
>> No Uploads Primary
>> No Uploads Secondary[/hidden]
Downloads are all turning Red.
What are all the options for?
Leeches, What are they? How to deal with them?
What should my bandwidth be set up like?


Settings Help
What do all the Settings do?

OpenNap Issues
What Is OpenNap?
How do I get started using it?
What should I know to help me use it?
None of the servers will connect?
What are '.wsx' files, where do i get them?
I'm getting an error message while using OpenNap.


Internet Serivce Provider (ISP) Issues
I think my ISP may be messing up my WinMX.

Using WinMX With Linux
Help with Linux/WinMX Issues.

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