Help and How to Guides for Using OpenNap with WinMX

OpenNap is a built in part of WinMX, it is another why to connect to small central servers to search for and download files.  It can be used along with WinMX and can help you to find more files, meet more users and enjoy WinMX all that much more.

Below are many subjects with answers to frequently asked questions or problem seen.

Information about using the Chat Rooms on OpenNap
Information about common errors you may see using OpenNap
Helpful Tips When Using OpenNap
Information on Contacting Server Admins
Information on how to use the Hotlist function on OpenNap
Information about logging into OpenNap Servers
Information about searching for files on OpenNap
Information about Serves and Connecting to them on OpenNap
How to find, export, and import WSX file for OpenNap

Tutorial on getting started using OpenNap

If you have any problems or questions not covered here please go to the WinMX World forum and post your questions or comments there.
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