Information and Help with Common Errors when Using OpenNap

Servers Wont Connect
Name already in use
Not enough files shared
Not enough of right files shared
Valid name but no data record
You have been Banned
Connection Timeout


The name is perhaps the most common and important error. No symbols except numbers are generally allowed in OpenNap names. During installing WinMX, you are required to enter a unique name. WinMX will by default assign this name to OpenNap as well. So you better not include any symbols in the name. You can change your WPN name later too. To change your OpenNap name, Go to Settings> OpenNap Networks, and change your name there. You might also want to put a password as some servers require that as well. Then click "Reset all server login Params to default" And you can start to connect to OpenNap.


Mostly the problem is that the server is offline or has changes Ip or host names. In many occasions, most of the servers that you get from lists downloaded never connect. Other reasons can include you being banned, in which case, the error will appear next to the server name.


This error is actually very funny. It can come anytime anywhere.. lol. My suggestion is either change your name or you can try after sometime. The latter is most effective.  It may also be that you are already connected to the server, the server may have apperared in your list twice.


This may be because you do not have enough files shared. If you do not know how to share files, the please go to this link:
For WinMX 3.53/3.31
For WinMX 3.54 beta4

But sometimes, this error just happens. There is no explanation. You may have more files shared and be over the minimum data range, but still, you will not be able to connect and you get banned.  Best contact the server admins and sort things out with them. That's about the only thing that can be done. Of course, you can always change your name and try again after sometime. That sorts many things out.  
For some connection problems, it may be possible that winmx stopped sending out the shared files list. So the server must have considered whatever has been uploaded so far and if you do not fulfil their criteria (eg no of files) then you may get banned


Some severs require users to share a specific number of a particular type of file.  For example, a movie server might want you to have 10 movie files shared.  SO you must share 10 movies.  It will not matter even if you have 2991 files of mp3's and 9 movies, You must have 10 movie files at least. Look at the error message, That will typically tell you what you don't have. Alternatively you can contact the server admins and ask them what's wrong.


This error means that the hostname is valid, but the server could not be contacted. Mostly, either the server is offline or the hostname is wrong. It is also posible that the hostname does not point anywhere or points an ip that is not hosting a  server.


This error occurs when you are sharing files that the admin does not permit and consequently has banned you. You must unshare the files in question, and then attempt to connect to the network.  Contact the server admins to get more specifics. You can also get banned if you do not have the right type of files shared as well, (Eg: a thousand picture files) But this is a rare case. Typical causes of bans are:

Files related to Nazism
too many mp3's (rare)


This happens to about 90% of most servers in server lists.  This means that the server is offline or that you are unable to access it.  Mostly, it's better that you try after sometime.  IF it still does not connect, the it is best that you delete the server, as once they go offline for more than a few days, most servers will never come online again.

There is also now a thread dedicated on the forum to posting Currently Working OpenNap Servers.
Information provided by SamSeeSam and Smokerillo, many thanks for their hard work on this.
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