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This Help section has both a WinMX Help Index and a Troubleshooting Guide with common questions users may need answers to.

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Hello and Thank You for choosing to Visit WinMX World for help. We have been in the WinMX Helping business since 2005 and still love WinMX.

Our Goal is to provide you with the knowledge you need or want about WinMX. We are dedicated solely to WinMX and its users and hope that you find what you seek here. If not please don't hesitate to visit the forums and have a browse, or post and let us help you there.

Site Layout

You'll notice on all WinMX World pages links to other sections in the top bar. Here are what they basically contain.

This section contains guides, and some help pages regarding WinMX, Third Party Programs, Chat Server Guides, OpenNap Guides, and some other misc items you may find interesting.

This section has been recently updated to include the most comprehensive and complete WinMX Help known to man kind, with a combined knowledge base of hundreds of experienced WinMX users.
It includes a Troubleshooting guide to lead you to answers along with WinMX Index of Help pages to browse.

The forum is open in most areas for guests to post to receive help or ask questions, as a member other areas are accessible for you, we try to provide a helpful and friendly atmosphere for all ages there.

This section has long been a place to find toys and programmes to use with WinMX, take a peek here at some of the items that make WinMX fun.

This is an area to help you to other WinMX sites, WinMX Programmers sites, and some helpful tools that are free to use.

Easily one of the largest collections of WinMX related tools, toys, programmes and documents.  There are over 1500 different files in it, with over 250 folders of files from different programmers and sources.

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