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Once apon a time WinMX was a boring place. You had the WinMX Application, and... the WinMX Application.

Now though you can get so many programs/addons for WinMX that the choice can be confusing! Have no fear, we have put together a list of some of the more popular programs, split in to different categories.

Tools and Toys Fixed For New Peer Caches - These are some of your favorite Bots, Chat Clients, and Chat Servers that are fixed for the new WinMX Peer Caches.  
It's important to note that most of the latest versions of these have either been repaired by the programmers to work with the new caches or you can get a special patch that will allow them to connect . This is the Downloads page  -  Look for Patch for Third Party Connection ONLY!

Chat Servers - For hosting your own Chat Room.

Chat Clients - For joining WinMX Chat rooms without WinMX.

Bots - Bots you can use in rooms on WinMX.

Upload Managers - To give you some control over your uploads.

Tools to use with WinMX - Tools that you can use along with your WinMX.

Fun chat Toys - To Allow you to break up a quiet day with a range of interesting effects or pictures.

Thats not enough fun toys to try out?  Then have a look at our Archive with over 1400+ programs especially for WinMX.

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