Here are a few Fun Chat Toys we thought were worth a mention

Have some fun with sounds, pictures, text, and more!!

BendMX--Allows you to add sounds and RCMS commands to your WinMX.

ShareGuard 2--Lets you find the shared files of users in a chat room when its in the room.  Great for Movie and Music rooms!

MHAmp--Allows you to display in the chat channel the songs your listening to, other features include, system up time, away status display and more!!

WinAmp Plugin--Lets you tell everyone what music your listening to on your WinAmp player.

ACSII Art Pics--This is a fun way to make coloured and noncolured pictures in the rooms by the click of your mouse.  Although most of the creators of art are not known for sure, we do know a few old WinMX hands.  MOB -NINJA- from the Movies Only Better room on WinMX made some of these we know for sure.  Great work!!

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