Third Party Tools and Toys That Are FIXED!

Yes, your favorite tools and toys you love have been fixed to find the new caches.  No more messy hosts files, just download these and have fun!  These have been modified to find the new peer caches, and dont require a hosts file to work.  

These programs will self install to the correct directory and folder of your already installed programs, to enable them to connect and get a room listing.

Metis 2.6 Patch Installer
Metis 2.6 Original installation

MXControl Bot 1.34 Patched Installer
MXControl 1.34 Original Installation

RoboMX 2.06 Patched Installer
RoboMX 2.06 Original Installation

Nushi 2.7 English With Plugins Patched
Nushi 2.7 Original Installation

Rabbit 1.3 Patched Installer
Rabbit 1.3 Original Installation

Sharguard 2.0 Patched Installer
Shareguard 2.0 Original Installation
Sharguard Source Code

Shareguard 2.0.1 Patched Istaller
Shareguard 2.0.1 Original Installation
Shareguard 2.0.1 Source Code

Shareguard 2.1.0 Patched Installer
Shareguard 2.1.0 Original Installation
Shareguard 2.1.0 Source Code

FXServer 1.3.2 Patched
FXServer 1.3.2 Original Installation

RoboServe 1.2-3 Patched Installer
RoboServe 1.2-3 Original Installation
RoboServe Source Code

These programs have been fixed to use the new peer caches:

Nushi 2.8 English Version  
Translated by Jason.

RCMS 8.0

Ouka Chat Server520b English Version

Ouka Chat Client2E 110b English Version

WCS Chat Server 1.7.2

Is the tool your looking for not here?  Just stop by this thread on the forum and tell us what you need.
Fixed/Patched Tools and Toys

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