WinMX Chat Clients

There are many Chat Clients avalible for WinMX Chat, These are seperate programs that let you join WinMX Chat rooms without using WinMX! They often have more features than the client in WinMX.


This is the most popular Chat Client by a long way. It has all of the features from other clients, plus a little extra. Its a little bloated and large so not ideal if you just want a small chat client, but if you want something with all the features then its well worth a look.

The RoboMX Website is MXControl

Nushi Chat Client

This was the original third party chat client. Unfortunately it hasn't changed since then. With the lack of WinMX 3.53 support it isn't very popular, although some people still use it for running their bots on.

The Nushi Chat Client can be downloaded from the WinMXWorld Archive

Rabbit Chat Client

A Small feature filled chat client from KingMacro. Its fairly lightweight and compact, and has many features. However its not quite as feature packed as RoboMX.

Avalible from the WinMXWorld Archive

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