WinMX Chat Servers

There are quite a few chat servers avalible for hosting your room on WinMX. You can of course use WinMX itself however third party servers are often better and use less bandwidth.

WCS (WinMX Chat Server)
This is a chat server brought to you by King Macro. This is currently the most popular chat server on WinMX. This was written as a replacement to King Macro's previous chat server (MCS) which was also extremely popular.

You can download WCS From Here

Ouka Chat Server
This chat server is brought to you by Ouka. It uses an RCMS style admin system - although much improved. There are some issues with it but it is still a very popular choice of server.

You can get Ouka Chat Server from the WinMX World Archive OukaChat Server directory here:
WinMX World Archive; Ouka

This is the latest in Servers and is the only chat server that is open source.  This project was started by Bender, you can get a copy of this one and source code from here:

NACS (Nushi Advanced Chat Server)
This is a chat server being developed by Nushi from 2sn (the creator of the popular RCMS Addon and Nushi Chat Client). It is still under development however the latest alpha version is avalible from here

FXServe was made by Fedez who appears to have stopped work on this one. If you would like to give this one a try please see the link below.

You can get it from the WinMX World Archive

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