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Often times users can find their way around WinMX pretty easily, but for some it is a bit more complicated than other P2P systems.  Hopefully some of the information in these help pages will get you some answers if you're having issues or just seeking more information.  As usual if you can't find what you need here please feel free to use the forum.  It's very user friendly and we are all always glad to answer questions for you there.
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Help for WinMX Problems or Questions
Differences Between Clients (bugs, tips, and changes)
Flashing Yellow On Networks Page
Fake File Information
WinMX Encounters Error/Closes
WinMX Freezes Up
What Files You Might Find in Your WinMX Folder
Browse/Whois Information

WinMX  - Connections
Help for WinMX Connections and Connection Settings
Internet Connection Settings Help
Setting Ports in WinMX

    Secondary Connection Issues
         Secondary Connection Problems Index
    Primary Connection Issues
         Primary Connection Problems Index

Firewall Configuration For WinMX
XP Service Pack 1
XP Service Pack 2
Zone Alarm
- Off site Help

Help With Setting Up Router/DSL Modems
Set Up for WinMX with Router/DSL Modems
What Is A Router

WinMX - Library/Shared files
Library/Shared Files Help Index

WinMX - Chat
Chat Help Index

WinMX - Searching
Searching Help Index

WinMX - Ignore Option
Ignore Options

WinMX - Hotlist
HotList Information and Help

WinMX - Transfers
Transfers Help and Guides Index

WinMX - Settings
Settings Help and Guide Index

Internet Service Provider Troubles
Tips for ISPs That Are Throttling/Shaping P2P

WinMX Under Wine
Running WinMX under WINE

OpenNap - Help
OpenNap Problems Index

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