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Searching is not to difficult usually on WinMX however there are sometimes issues or tips that might help you get what your looking for more efficiently.

Fake Files
The most common problem users encounter with Searching is avoiding fake files.  If you're finding that nothing you choose to download ever starts this could be why.  
Filtering them out of Search
Damage they cause, 'The Big Deal'

File Types
Basically any file type known to man (and there are billions out there) can be shared on WinMX and there for, also found in searches.  If your not sure how to search for things other then *.mp3 format we have a good guide for you to learn.
Searching Other File Types

If you know how to search for default file types but are looking for some help for files that might not be default use the following page.
Searching for Non-Default File Types

Any Connection
What does the Any Connection Menu Do

Auto Find Sources & Auto Enter Que
How to Use Auto Find Sources & Auto Enter Que Buttons

Refine Your Searches
Refine Your Search on WinMX

File, Bytes, Time and Column Headers on Search Screen
Column Headers And How To Use Them

Strange gibberish in searches
Users often find weird gibberish looking results when searching, this is actually not gibberish at all.  You might have noticed that a language like Japanese for example how large the characters are compared to English ones, these are called 2-byte characters meaning that for one of their characters it takes two of our spaces.  WinMX can't handle this so it comes to you in single ones that look like a bunch of random characters hence not being readable.  If you have the proper set up you will see the characters as they are meant to look, and I don't know about you but Japanese and Chinese is a very beautiful language in its correct form.  Here is a guide if you would like to be able to see those:
How To Read The Japanese Language File Names

Keep in mind this wont translate them to English so unless you can actually read Japanese its just pretty to look at.

Viruses, Spyware, and Nasties
Things to Watch For
Virus Removal, Prevention

Can't Download Files
What Causes This

Search Tips For Dial Ups
Tips for Searching on 56K
Best Set Up For 56k

If you continue to have problems after trying the above please visit the forum and post your information so we can look at the issues.

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