Searching for Non-Default File Types

There are many file types that WinMX will share or search for by default, however, one of the disadvantages of the program being an older client is there are many popular file types that we have to force it to use.

It is possible for someone to share any file types on WinMX and there for, for you to search for those as well.  Hopefully the person sharing said files has taken a few steps to help with this process but, even if they haven't in most cases we can locate them with a small bit of effort.

One of the most common file types that WinMX wasn't set up for originally is *.pdf file types.  This as you probably know is a Portable Document File type and is used for many e-books, instructions, tutorials and much more.  So we'll use this type in our examples of how to find non-default file types on WinMX.  Just keep in mind this can be applied to any file type.

The first thing you will want to do when searching for non standard file types is to click the 'MP3 Audio - Any Bitrate' Button located here in Red.

And choose the 'Any Non MP3 File' you can of course also use 'Any File/Any Bitrate' option here but you may be shocked at the amount of mp3 files with the same key words as your search, using the first option removes all those.

Next we need to put in a name, for our example I've chosen 'Health' as my keyword.  The first one shows the results with only the Keyword Health and the Any Non MP3 File options used.  As you can see this option brings up many results from video files to text to even one *.pdf file.

Another way we can narrow this search down is to use the built in characters that will exclude or include words in our results.  

Use - Minus sign in front of words to 'exclude' them from search results.
Use ~ Tilde sign (squiggly thing for you highly technical users) to include words in your search results.

This can of course be utilized for many things not just including file types.  Here is an example of its use to narrow our searches down to just *.pdf files.

Notice how the actual file extension is .zip and .rar, as I mentioned earlier this means that the folks sharing these files have put them in rar or zip files to download but included the .pdf in the name as well to help you find them.

Either way you can choose the file you want to try to download now of any file type you choose.

If you continue to have problems after trying the above please visit the forum and post your information so we can look at the issues.

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