Set up WinMX for 56k

I am a former 56k WinMX user and these are tips that I gathered from various resources and not all users of WinMX will agree but I had best results when I did these things.

1) Which Patch is Best for 56K users.

If your using a hosts file to connect there is a faster safer answer for you.  We recommend that all secondary users upgrade to the Modified WinMX Group Patch.  This patch will filter fake results for you, and will speed channel listings, its not going to use as many resources as the hosts file fix will and will help to enhance you speeds and enjoyment of WinMX.  If you have an Older version of the Dll patch already its still highly recommended for you to upgrade for better results and a faster channel list also.
Patch Download Page

NOTE: You will notice there are several available downloads from the page mentioned above.  If you already have WinMX installed you simply need the first one on the page called 'Set Up For Existing WinMX Installs', this will automatically remove the hosts file fix from your system and get you started with this better patch.

2) Make sure you are using a good spy ware programs.

Being on 56k is slow enough without all the little bugs we get from places or mass stores of temporary internet files and cookies building up.

I highly recommend Adaware and Spybot S&D. You will find both here free:

Spybot S&D  

Run those on a regular basis, which for me was everyday when I was getting off the puter.

3) Make sure you are not letting too many people upload from you at one time.

In WinMX go to Settings> File Transfers> Queuing> then set the Max Total Uploads to 1.
This sounds bad to only let one at a time get your files but one at a good speed is better than 3 that take two days.

4)The number of downloads you have going can also make it go very slow

So don't be too greedy.. lol. Don't download more than three files at a time if you can help it and two would be more suitable.

5) Next make sure you are limiting your outgoing bandwidth.

When your done here go to this link Bandwidth Settings.  This interactive page will test your speeds and give you the best settings for your connection type, and tell you how to change them.  Typically the best setting is usually the lowest allowed on WinMX for secondary which is 2000K.
This will still give good upload speeds and will help your download speeds also.
NOTE:  Never limit your Incoming Bandwidth ever.

6) Time Out Settings set right.
Make sure your time out settings are at their upper limits as your connection isn't the fastest as is. Set them to the ones you see below.

7) Full Chat Room Listings.

Another very important issue is a problem many people on secondary using WinMX v3.53 have with getting a full room listing.  There is a known bug with this on WinMX 3.53 and the WinMX Community Patch has the fix for this built in.  Please be sure you're using this Patch from here:
WinMX Community Patch

Well I hope that helps anyone just starting out that is on 56k, its a lot slower than other connection types no matter what you do to it, however for some of us it was the only option so this will maximize your Winmx experience. And don't let the broadband nah sayers get ya down... lol
Happy Hunting!

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