The Files I Choose Don't Download

First, lets just say the most common reason for this would be fakes, so if you haven't first read this information about Fake Files do this first.

If you have read and followed that advice and are still having problems there are a few reasons this may happen.

The second most common reason that the files continuously turn red is Settings in WinMX, more specifically AEQ settings.  This setting is the number at which your WinMX will put you in line (Que) for a file, the default setting is 10.  This means anyone out there with say 11 users waiting for a file, when you try them it will first turn lavender (which often happens so fast users don't notice this part) then go immediately Red.  The user on the other end never even sees that you tried because of your settings.  Follow the link for AEQ and change them. Restart WinMX and see if this helps you get into que for more files.

The Third most common things is ISP (Internet Provider) problems. If you have been through all the settings and can't seem to get this to work then please read over the embedded link here, and then please visit the forums for more information or to post for help.

Something worth mentioning here is a misconception many users have that routers, dsl modems, firewalls or anything like this can affect downloads.  This is simply not the case, WinMX doesn't require you to have these things set up to download files, only for uploads, chat list, and search results.  If those things are working it will NOT be a router, modem, or firewall issue.  

The only time this will affect downloads is when you have WinMX set in what is known as 'Passive Secondary Mode' and the other user you are trying to download from is also set this way.  This basically means that neither of you have ports set up, and you will get a message in red that says 'Both Users Firewalled'.  If you need help with fixing this issue please see this page:
Both Users Firewalled

If you continue to have problems after trying the above please visit the forum and post your information so we can look at the issues.

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