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Although much of this is adjustable from the actual 'Search' screen this page is a way to set up defaults, so you don't have to adjust them each time.

'Default Search Parameters' allows you to set the File type and Connection limitations (if you would like) so that they can remain this way each time a 'search' is performed.  For example WinMX by default set this to MP3 Audio - Any Bitrate & Any Connection.  If you are a user that mostly searches for Video Files, or E-books you may rather have the default set to this.  From here you can click the 'MP3 Audio - Any Bitrate' and choose your preferred File Type.  
The connection type is one for those users that prefer to find sources from particular connection types, such as DSL or faster, here you can set that.
If I may be so bold here to add my personal views, if your one that often excludes lower connection speeds from your searches your missing out on an entire world of great files.

'Default Download Parameters' is probably the most important settings to adjust on this page.  These settings are set to Auto Find Sources - Remember previous setting & Auto Enter Que - 10 by default when you install WinMX.  However, leaving those can cause you to have a lot of 'Timed Out' files.  Here are the suggested settings:
Auto Find Sources - 10 mins
Auto Enter Que - 50 (if your mostly after small files or mp3s) or 100 (if your after video or large files)

Auto Find Sources is how often WinMX will automatically look for more sources of the matching file.  This is set to every 15 minutes by default, but 10 is usually fine.
Auto Enter Que allows you to enter users 'Remote Que' in other words get in line for your turn at a download.  If this is set low (default is 10 remember) your files will turn light purple/pink, for a moment then turn red.  If you set this number higher you will eventually get your files much faster then to keep waiting for users that have no queues.

'File Type Buttons', you may have noticed that there are a few 'shortcuts' to search for certain file types on the 'Search' page under where you enter the title information.  This allows you to set those short cuts for specific file types or quality in your search.  For example you may set the shortcut name to 'Archive' then click the button beside it and choose those file types.

'Results Display' allows you to either collapse or expand duplicate results on the Search page.  This way you can see the exact users that may be available or the ones that might have a long queue.

If you need more information than provided here please visit the forum for help.
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