Problems on Secondary - 'Both Users Firewalled' Message

This is a message users often see as files they are trying to download or upload go red.  
In fact sometimes you wont even see this message because it only stays visible for a few seconds.
If your having problems with lots of downloads & uploads failing and have gone through making sure you have the correct patch, its possible this is the issue.

When your downloading is the most common time to see the error messages you recieve.  On the Trasfers screen you will see:
[+]file name.mp3            1 user 10 - 100    

This may sit yellow then go red, or green but in order to view the error messages its a good idea to click on the [+] so that the name of the user appears underneath.  On this line is where any error messages will be displayed for a few moments, and you can diagnose problems this way.
[-]files name.mp3           1 user 10 - 100    
                          JohnQDoe_234_12345       Cable         Both Users Firwalled

'Both Users Firewalled' - This is the error message that WinMX puts out when neither user has ports set up for transfers.  
We call this situation 'Passive Secondary', and in most cases there is a fix, however some users simply dont have access to the router/DSL modem to open ports.  
You will notice that in Settings > Incoming TCP yours is set to Unable to listen... and that 'In/Out UDP' is set the same.

Basically one of the two users in this transfer will need to open ports in order for it to work.  For more information about this you can read here:
How To Configure Your Firewalls for WinMX - Off site.
Help Configuring Your Router/Modem for WinMX
Help with Port Configuration

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