How to Change Port Numbers in WinMX

Below are instructions on how to change your port numbers that WinMX is using, this is helpful if you feel that your Internet Service Provider may be blocking certain ports, or if you have more then one computer on the internet and want to be able to access WinMX on both at the same time.
The new WinMX Community Patch has the ability to forward these ports for you automatically using uPnP in the router, for more information about this feature visit here:

Information about UPnP and the WinMX Community Patch

First click on settings on your WinMX screen, this will bring up a box like the one below.  On the left side you will see options in a list or "tree" format, look for Internet Connectons, if you see a [+] beside it click on this to expand that options.  Under Internet Connections look for the option Incoming TCP Connections.  Click on this once to access the options on the right hand side of the box.

Incoming TCP Connections:
Below you see the right side of the box allows you to view the port that your WinMX is set to now, probably 6699 as this is the default port for TCP when you set up your WinMX.  In the box you can now change that number.  In our example we are using 16699 and its fine to use this as well.
Note: Many people ask what ports are best to change this too.  The answer is varied depending on who you ask, you can acctually set this number to any thing between 0 and 65535.  As long as you use different numbers for each setting here you cant go too wrong, and the more variations of numbers people use the harder it is for ISPs to block ports used.

IN/OUT UDP Packets:
Now on the left side click the IN/OUT UDP Packets option once, you will then see on the right a place to with the option to change this port.  In our example  below you see we are using port number 16257, again this number can be any thing between 0 and 65535, however it has to be different then the number you chose for your TCP port.

+ When you make these changes close the settings box and restart your WinMX for them to take effect.
+ If your uising a Router or Firewall that requires you to allow WinMX access on certain ports you will need to change to these same port numbers you have choosen, for your WinMX to work properly.

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