Here are some important things to know about the uPnP function of the new WinMX Community Patch:

1. The uPnP the patch uses is NOT the same as Windows uPnP in Services and will not require that service to be running.  Windows uPnP uses a different protocol then what routers use, and enabling that Windows uPnP service is considered a risk. The WinMX Community Patch (WCP) is using the same uPnP that almost all Bittorrent clients use today.

2. Nothing has been altered within the 'winmx.exe' just like in the past, so when your doing a fresh install of WinMX and it runs through the TCP and UDP connection tests, if your ports are closed those will fail.  
The WinMX program itself is not able to handle uPnP.

-----So after an install of WinMX open the WinMX Settings > Incoming TCP > Set this to the number you would like to have used, default is 6699.
-----Go to In/Out UDP set this to the number you would like WinMX to use, default is 6257.  Once this is done, you can close Settings and restart WinMX, the patch will now try to use uPnP forwarding to open those ports for you.

This will of course depend on whether your router supports uPnP, and if so whether its enabled which some are NOT enabled by default (see owners guides for options/instructions).  Also make sure that firewalls are set up correctly too.

3. As mentioned above the uPnP will only work for you if ports are set up in WinMX Settings.  This will however, work on older installs of the WCP, so you can go set those up right now, next week, or a month from now, use new ports or just set ports for the first time.  As long as the 'oledlg.ini' file within your 'Program Files/WinMX folder', has the setting 'enabled'.
Open this file with 'notepad' to edit, save and restart WinMX for those changes to take affect.  Please note: uPnP is enabled by default on the WCP.

/enableupnp 1
  - enabled

/enableupnp 0
  - disabled

4. The WCP does not leave those ports permanently open like port forwarding will, when you close WinMX the ports that were opened via uPnP will be closed, which can be actually safer then forwarding ports in some routers that don't physically assign ports to services.

5. If you're an experienced user of your router, and have ports forwarded manually, its probably best for you to go in and disable the uPnP (/enableupnp 0), because your already set up and working fine.
If you must play like some of us must, then find new ports to use in WinMX that are not forwarded manually.  Some routers do have conflicts with ports being opened manually then having uPnP settings thrust upon them.

Remember the uPnP feature is no guarantee that all routers will work at all times, its simply a feature that will hopefully help some of the less able new users to have less hassle setting up a working WinMX.  Which has proven to be the case already.

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