Configure your Firewall

What is a firewall?

A Firewall is a program that sits on your computer and blocks programs from being able to access the internet properly. Many people have these installed because it gives a sense of security.

Why is this a problem?

P2P Applications such as WinMX need to have other people connect to your WinMX for it to work properly. Unfortunately firewalls interfere with this and can cause you have have problems with downloading or uploading.

How do I get WinMX to work with my firewall?

Some firewalls will ask you when winmx first runs if it is a "good" or a "bad" program, and will let you either allow it or block it. If you allow it then it should be able to work - however some firewalls require additional configuration.

Configuring popular firewalls

If you have one of these popular firewalls then we have prepared some step by step instructions to show you how to configure them for WinMX. If your firewall isn't listed here then the same basic instructions should still apply.

BlackICE Defender
Sygate Firewall
Zone Alarm Firewall
Microsoft Windows XP Firewall
Microsft Windows XP Firewall SP2

If you have Windows XP then even if you use another firewall you still need to configure the built in XP one as well

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