How to set up Sygate Personal Firewall

Sygate is an excellent firewall to use..its fairly easy to configure, works great with WinMX, and best of all its free. Recently the Sygate Firewall division was purchased by Norton, so we have an alternative site in which to get this free version.

Sygate Personal Firewall, built on Sygate Personal Firewall Pro's award-winning technology, is the most user-friendly PC firewall and personal desktop security solution.

You can get it from here:

This firewall is compatible with virtually every Windows operating system. Once you have downloaded it you should also uninstall or disable any other firewalls you may have on your computer.

Sygate is very user friendly to set up. Just install and it will automatically begin its protection of your computer.

After it is up and working when a program that requires internet access is started it will have a pop up box asking you if you would like to allow this program to access the internet. Like our example below.

If its a program or application that you know will need internet access at all times like in our example is WinMX then you will see a tick box that says Remember my answer. Place a tick in that box then click on Yes and it wont ask you every time. Do this with your internet browser and any other programs that you are SURE are ones that require access every time.

For other programs or applications that you only want to let access occasionally then only click the Yes and it will continue to ask you every time and let you decide if it is needed.

Some programs you have may ask you to access the internet and you may wish to not allow this. Just click No also tick the Remember my answerif you want to not be asked anymore.

You can also always change these settings by double clicking on the icon in your task bar. Then you will see a box Sygate Personal Firewall.

Click on Applications. A new box will appear called Applications and you can go through that list find the application you would like to change. On the far left you will see each applications icon click on it.
A circle with a slash is blocked, a question mark means its set to ask you, and a black circle means its set to allow at all times.

Now for the real protection....
When you have a computer or someone trying to access your computer Sygate will block it.
It will alert you that this has happened, by the icon haveing a red background with a blue X in it. To see the details double click the icon, and go Logs.

This will bring up a box with a list of the attempts to access your computer. For even more information on this just click on the line, then right click and choose Back Trace.

This will give you a option of doing a whois on the perpetrator.  It will also give you ways to report the person or company to their ISP.

This firewall is one of the best ones for protecting your machine. It is easy on your resources and is very simple to operate.
So if you are having problems with your XP firewall or other firewall getting along with WinMX or other P2P program this is a great way to protect your machine.

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