How to make Exceptions for your Windows XP Firewall with Service Pack 2

Windows XP was updated some time ago by the addition of Service Pack 2.
This update allows for a more accesible and simpler way to access the firewall configuration.

You can find the firewall settings icon on The Control Panel.
Please set the user interface on the left panel to display "Classic View", then look for the icon shown below.

Once you have selected this icon you will see the much clearer interface that Service Pack 2 provides.

We will need to create an Exception to allow our programs through the firewall and out onto the internet.
An Exception is a special rule that the firewall will apply when the particular application selected runs and seeks acess to the Net.

On the Exeception tab, you will be able to enter details for program or a certain port, that a program may wish to use, as shown above.

The Add a Program button will allow you to browse or select from an existing list of programs, items that you want to add to the Exception list.

The Add A Port button allow you to manually open a port throught the firewall, its best to use the Add A Program button, but you have a choice it seems.

The Advanced tab is not really something that will ever need to be adjusted unless your on a lan or other network in which case you may need to set up some of the file sharing options avilable for you local network.

There is a minor delay if your online and try to make adjustments to your firewall, this is normal and is designed to protect you against accidents and other mishaps.

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