Secondary Connection Information and Frequent Problems

Secondary connection is the way WinMX has of allowing more users and files onto the network rather then excluding those that are on slower Internet providers or unable to open ports for running the 'super node' or primary as we call it.  

Many users seem to believe that if they have Cable or better they MUST run as a primary, this is simply not true and in some cases running a primary without the proper resources and settings can cause more damage then good.  A well configured Secondary connection can operate faster and better then a primary on many occasions even if you do have a Broadband Internet type.

That said the key to having a well configured Secondary connection is to

Have ports set up correctly in any routers, modems (that require it), and firewalls.
Router/Firewall Help Links
How To Configure Your Firewalls for WinMX - Off site.
Help Configuring Your Router/Modem for WinMX

Use the most current patch available from Here:
Patch Downloads
WinMX Community Patch

Make the needed limitations on Outgoing bandwidth (If needed).
Bandwith Help
Bandwidth Test Script/Help page

There are a few problems that a secondary user might see, for more details click on the appropriate links below.
Help for Secondary Problems
Frequent Disconnections from the Network
No Whois/Browse on Secondary
No Uploads
Both Users Firewalled Message
Changing WinMX ID Numbers
Poor Search or Chat List Results
What Is Passive Secondary Mode
Best Patch for Secondary Users

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