Problems with Secondary on WinMX - Changing WinMX ID Numbers

You may have wondered at some point 'What are those numbers after my nickname and why do they change?'  All WinMX users that are connected to the Network have 8 ID numbers after their names, like Me Here_001_12345.  The first three can be customized and saved with your Nickname for use the next time you connect however, the last 5 digits are assigned to you via the Primary that you connected to, if you're on Secondary.  If you don't choose the First three they will also be assigned to you.  Primary users also have these numbers but they wont change unless that primary disconnects, and for a well protected primary we could expect those to remain the same the entire time they are online, not the case for the Secondary user.

Every time you get a new primary, as discussed in other sections this is common and will happen while your using WinMX, you get a new WinMX ID (last 5 digits).  This is another reason that the Hotlist entries from the WPN can not be saved permanently.

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