Problems with Secondary on WinMX - Best Patch Choice

I'm sure you have seen information related to patches till your sick of it some days however, I just want to take this small space in the cyberworld to affirm a few things as they relate to Secondary users and connection stability.

If your unaware of the differences between the connection choices, WinMX Community Patch vs. Hosts File, let me just say they couldn't be any further from each other in how they work.  The important question to ask yourself is 'What do I want out of WinMX, do I want to have to maintain it, and deal with it often, or do I want to just use it and have it work?'

There are a few reasons I feel most Secondary users are better off on the WinMX Community Patch.

One is that most of them are dial up or slower connection types, being a former 56ker myself, I feel its important to have WinMX in the most stable working condition it can be.  The WinMX Community Patch won't require frequent updating, changing of system files, and has built in bug fixes for some connection problems that occur with WinMX v3.53.  

The latest version of the WinMX Community Patch has built in Fake File Filtering and will help save you time and resources if you do any searching on the Network.  

The last reason I feel this works better for Secondary users is that in many cases, the WinMX Community Patch uses less resources then a huge hosts file does.  Thus freeing up more for your use.

WinMX Community Patch

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