Problems with Secondary on WinMX - Poor Search/Chat List Results

On Secondary connections, I can not stress enough, how important having a stable well working primary to connect to can be.  If you're seeing poor Search results or Chat Room Lists that have few results, then more then likely you're on a 'bad or unprotected' primary.  

This can be a result of just bad luck with one particular one, or can happen often if they are unprotected from the Fake File Flooders.  If this happens to you once or twice ever the best fix is to just refresh your connection by clicking on the Networks page and 'Refresh to get a new primary to handle your requests.
Then go to the Chat Window and click on Refresh List to get a new current list.

If this seems to happen frequently then it could be your connection method allowing you to connect to unprotected primaries.  If you get the latest WinMX Community Patch and install this it should help this problem immensely.
WinMX Community Patch

Unprotected primary is one that is allowing for what ever reason the connection of the RIAA/MPAA companies hired to flood WinMX with Fake Files.  They connect to this primary just like you, as a secondary, only they are there to cause havoc and do so.  If you would like more information about the Fakes and Damage they Cause have a look here:
Fake File and the Damage Caused

If you need more information than provided here please visit the forum for help.
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