Problems with Secondary on WinMX - No Whois/Browses

Secondary relies on a stable primary connection to remain on the network.  When this primary falls off or looses connection then the secondaries that are connected to them also loose connection.  In this climate of RIAA/MPAA flooding and so many unprotected primaries out there its especially a task to stay on one primary for a long time.

There are times when your 'inbetween' primary connections <Connecting...> that you will notice you have troubles with things such as Whois or Browses of yourself or other users, this is normal and until the information is updated to your WinMX Client and you have received a new WinMX ID (the numbers after your nickname) from your new primary this will occur.
NOTE: If your running as a primary and having problems getting a Whois/Browse on yourself please see:
No Browse/Whois of Self on Primary

Many times if your showing <Online> up top and still having problems, clicking the refresh button on the Networks page can help, basically this tells your WinMX to disconnect from the possibly unstable primary you have now, and look for another one to try.

Once your showing back <Online> then retry your browse, whois, search or chat list and see if this has helped.

If you continue to have problems getting a Whois/Browse on yourself or others then you may need to do some further research into the causes.  

Frequent Disconnections
Help with Port Configuration

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