Primary Connection - Can Not Browse or Get Whois on Self

This is a fairly common problem that many Primary users see, however not always easy to fix.  There are a few known causes of this, lets discuss those below.

The most common reason for this is settings in a Router or NAT (Network Address Translation) capable DSL Modem, blocking connections to yourself.  In other words its not allowing your Internal IP to make connections to the same IP.  Some routers/modems may have settings that will allow you to disable this feature however, they usually are hard coded to block this if you have this problem.  This can also keep one computer on the LAN from being able to Whois/Browse the other computers on the same LAN.  The best way to find out is to read your model's user manual to look for settings that can be changed.

The next common problem is in regard to the many changes to system files that ex/or current Hosts file patch users are going through.  The host file is a system file that is used by Microsoft for DNS resolution, (not used on most Operating Systems now) and in the early days of WinMX being offline, this file was used as a quick fix for redirecting users.  Because of changes and installs sometimes the default (and only useful default) setting within the host file gets removed.  This is the DNS redirect to your Local Host| in most cases.

Open your Host file located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc  folder called 'Hosts' (no file ext or other letters) with Notepad.  You should see some lines that start with a #.  Under that if your using a Hosts file for a connection fix still will be many many lines for redirecting WinMX, its recommended that you upgrade to the latest WinMX Community Patch.       localhost

The entry for the LocalHost is the one that if missing can cause you to loose the ability to Whois/Browse yourself on Primary.  Add it as above and save the file.  This should take care of the issue.

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