Primary Connection Information and Frequent Problems

Primary connection on the WinMX Network is a way for Broadband users to help support network traffic, along with also being able to Host a room with WinMX.  It is sometimes referred to as a 'Super-Node' in a decentralized system such as WinMX. Most users on Broadband are capable of running a Primary although, often times some configurations are needed to Routers, Modems, Firewalls, and AntiVirus.
The nature of a Primary means your acting as a 'Virtual Server' and means more in depth configurations are needed.

A few things to keep in mind:
1) Many users seem to believe that if they have Broadband they MUST run as a primary, this is simply not true and in some cases running a primary without the proper resources and settings can cause more damage then good.  A well configured Secondary connection can operate faster and better then a primary on many occasions even if you do have a Broadband Internet type.
If you find that the results of running a primary are not what you had hoped, freezing up, lagging, using a lot of CPU and resources, its recommended that you seek advice on configuring it better or that you use a secondary connection.

2) Running a Primary on the WinMX Network comes with a few added benefits and many responsibilities.  Its vital that you understand that you are not just supporting your use of WinMX but also any where from 10 - 19 other Secondary users are also depending on you having a stable well running connection.  The main thing you can do to ensure that your running at optimal is to make sure your using the WinMX Community Patch to help put a stop to the Fake File Flooding, if you don't your simply helping the RIAA to put an end to WinMX.

That said.. lets continue with suggested links and Issues you may have when using Primary on WinMX.

WinMX Community Patch  
Use the most current patch available
WinMX Community Patch

Configuring Ports for WinMX
Have ports set up correctly in any routers, modems (that require it), and firewalls.
How To Configure Your Firewalls for WinMX - Off site.
Help Configuring Your Router/Modem for WinMX
NOTE: If you still have issues after configuring these please be sure to check your Antivirus for ways to allow WinMX.

Primary Information and Help
What does P= S= spm= mean/should be
Loss of Primaries
No Secondaries
No Whois/Browse Self
No Searches/Chat List
No Uploads
Primary Recommended Settings

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