Basic Hosting On WinMX

This is one of the first things a new user will ask who has just found the chat rooms/channels.

You can only set up a chat room in WinMX if you are a Cable, DSL, T1 Or T3 type of connection as shown below and...  

you are also running on the primary network.

If you have satisfied those two requirements then follow these simple steps to open a room and save it, after making a few basic setting changes.

Press the Chat button and confirm that your not easily offended.

Go to the text box at the top of the room list that says Filter and enter the name you want your chatroom to be called. Now press the Host button.

You will now need to set up a few items such as room Topic,Room Users Limit and a Message Of The Day (MOTD)
press the commands button in the lower left corner.

Follow the menu to reach the settings that need adjustment.

We need to enter our basic settings here like so.
This is an example folks so please dont copy this exactly for your room.

/topic!!! WinMXworld is a great place !!!
(This is the text that appear on the channel/room list)
/setmotd Hi welcome to our room no swearing or abuse allowed
(This is the light blue text you see as you enter the room )
(This is the amount of folks you can have in the room, and in WinMX only goes up to 600)
(This allows folks to see your room on the channel list)

Ok your listed and ready to go, only one more important item left to do save the configuration as follows

/savecfg 1
(This is a file that you can use to quickly set up all the configuration if you need to close the room, you can enter any number you wish here up to 100.)

For a full list of commands to configure your room Check out this list.

You may have noticed that the room name has a lot of zeros in it, this is not the real room name and often causes confusion when friends try to join, the numbers are the loopback IP address of the room (the address on your machine)

To find out the real roomname either refresh the room list and wait till you see it listed, or type /channelname into the chat text entry bar

Happy chatting folks and hope to see you there.

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