Primary Connection - No Uploads (TCP Port)

We often hear users that discover something is wrong when they try to use a primary and can not get Uploads to work, but all seems fine on Secondary Connection.  Briefly, the reason is because when you're using a Secondary you're often set up in WinMX Incoming TCP and In/Out UDP to 'Unable to Listen or Send'  (passive secondary mode).  This is a feature that allows users that can not configure ports for WinMX to still be able to use it.  In order for your Primary to work correctly this will need to be adjusted, possibly along with other devices or software.

The most common cause of this problem is a router or DSL Modem that is NAT (Network Address Translation) capable, meaning it acts as a router and modem, not configured to allow WinMX the access it needs.

Here are some helpful links to guide you through making sure everything is configured

Configuring Ports for WinMX
Have ports set up correctly in any routers, modems (that require it), and firewalls.
Help Configuring Your Router/Modem for WinMX
How To Configure Your Firewalls for WinMX - Off site.

Note:  If your downloads are working properly however, uploads and searches are not, this does NOT mean your ports are set right.  This simply means whoever you were downloading from is set up properly.  
If you still have issues after configuring these please be sure to check your Antivirus for ways to allow WinMX.
If ONLY your Uploads are not working, and Search and Chat List are working fine this means that only your TCP port is not set properly, please recheck any configurations in router/modem or firewalls for TCP.

Some common errors when doing this are:

Common issues that cause Uploads not to work is setting up the rules in the router/modem to forward traffic to the 'Gateway' IP instead of the 'LAN' IP.  Be sure you're set to the correct IP address as per the instructions on the link above for 'Router Help'.

Port numbers don't match.  This can happen if not all devices and software have the exact same port number set, often simply just a typo in your router/modem, firewall, WinMX Settings, or even antivirus software can cause this.  Make sure any and all configurations you have made, the port numbers match exactly and are not set wrong
TCP=the correct tcp port and UDP=the correct udp port.

Also make sure if you use another firewall with Windows XP that the XP firewall is either OFF or configured properly as per the instructions on Firewall link above.

Another common mistake is users setting both TCP and UDP Protocol Traffic to the same ports, although this can work, with some devices or software it can cause intermittent problems.  If you're having issues best to make sure you're using two separate numbers for each protocol.

And finally a common error is to set a rule for forwarding in the Router/Modem all in one line with a range of ports instead of individual ports, and leaving the Protocol to BOTH.  This will cause problems and its best to set them up as per the instructions in the Router Help link above.

If you need more information than provided here please visit the forum for help.
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