Primary Connection - No Secondary Connections (S=) While Using WinMX Primary

The first thing to know about this is before we had so much fake file flooding associated with WinMX the S= (secondary connections to you) number was often used to 'diagnose' port problems, so its widely believed (mistakenly) that if this number is low or at 0, there is a port problem.  This is NOT true and the best way to diagnose port issues is by your Uploads, Chat Room List, and Searches.  If those are working, your ports are fine and your secondary connections will pick up with time.

The only other known issue with running Primary and not having Secondary connection is Hosting a room and using a third party tool for RCMS commands.  Most versions of this software blocked secondary connections and you wont see any or rarely if you use it.

If your Uploads, Chat Room Lists, or Searches are not functioning right please visit these links:

Information on Configuring your Firewall for Other Firewalls
Help Configuring Routers/Modems for WinMX
Help Changing and Setting Ports on WinMX

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