Primary Connection Problems - Loosing Primary (P=) Connections on WinMX


This number is an abbreviation of the number of other Primary users you're networked with at any given time, this number should remain fairly stable while your connected.

There are a few reasons that you may 'drop' your connection to other primaries and subsequently loose those numbers.  The most common issue is Fake Files, yes you heard me right fake files can cause you to loose connections across the network.  When other users your connected to do searches that are filled with industry supplied fake files, this causes such a surge of traffic through you that it can cause you to completely drop from the network.  Basically this is considered a DDOS Distributed Denial OF Service attack, and yes again, its illegal but they don't care.
The best defense against this is to make sure if your running a primary connection on WinMX you are protected.  The only way to completely protect your primary at this time is to use the WinMX Community Patch.  This helps with this because it not only blocks the RIAA from connecting to you via secondary, but it also filters those results and can help with the flood of UDP that you get hit with when these searches take place.

Another less common problem can be firewalls blocking things they shouldn't be blocking, for example some firewalls even with WinMX allowed will block UDP floods coming in like when you do a search or ask for a Chat List,  there isn't much you can do about this except disable the firewall to allow the UDP but, that is not recommended.

A quick fix for the loss of Primaries is to do a Chat list refresh, this calls to other primaries and allows the communication of open slots available and lets you fill yours faster then trying to restart the program.

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