General Recommendations For Primary Settings

Primary connections are still important to the network and needed.  Just making a primary connection however, is not all there is too it.  In order for it to actually be helping to support the Network you must have a connection that is supporting secondary connections.  If you notice that your room listing, searches and other normal functions of WinMX arent right.  Those can usually be easily solved with a little effort.

Usually its caused by a router or dsl modem, that has NAT (Network Address Translation) capabilities.  This just means that its capable of allowing more then one computer on the internet at the same time.   This could also be from a firewall or even from Norton Antivirus blocking WinMX full access.

Here is a page we have with information on what you need if you do have this problem and are on a router or dsl modem that is not uPnP enabled.
Router/Modem Set Up

If the problem is a firewall issue check these links for help in allowing your WinMX:
BlackICE Defender
Sygate Firewall
Zone Alarm Firewall
Microsoft Windows XP Firewall
Microsft Windows XP Firewall SP2
Norton Av 2005

If your Firewall is not listed there see this link for help:
Firewall Configurations

Another very important aspect of running a primary is keeping the RIAA at bay for all users connected to you.  This is very important not only for your own connection but, for the Network as well.  The fake file flooding companies use software to connect to you as a secondary user, then use your bandwidth to DOS attack other users and yourself when folks search for these fake file titles.  The method used takes advantage of the 'full path' method in which WinMX works.  Meaning they can have folders named things like Bo Bice, Jammie Foxx, Barry Manilow, then the title of the file may be 3 doors down.  Leaving you finding lots of odd things in the search field totally unrelated to the key word you searched.  So any primary user that is not on the WinMX Community Patch is helping to DOS attack the network.  Because the WinMX Community Patch offers this protection and also filters them from searches we feel all primary users should be on the WinMX Community Patch to protect this network.
WinMX Community Patch Information

One other thing that folks ask about is settings for their WinMX.  The best settings for now are these:
Allocated Bandwidth-- Set this to 9KB/s Out and 13.5 KB/s In, by going to Settings > WinMX Peer Network > Allocated Bandwidth.
This gives a good balance between the amount of Primaries and Secondaries you will be connected to for you and the WPN.

If you need to know what to set your Bandwidth Throttles at please visit this link to test and guide you in these settings for your WinMX.
Test & Setting For Bandwidth Throttle

If you need more information than provided here please visit the forum for help.
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