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This page is mostly for settings related to primary users.  Lets go over the settings here and their purpose.

On the right the first thing you see is the 'Automatically connect on startup' then a list of available regions.  North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and NZ, and Africa.  
There has been much debate about this setting.  At one time selecting different locations here might get you 'networked' with other users in those areas, since this was down to which Peer Cache you were sent to when FrontCode Technologies still controlled them, its not going to make much difference now.  

Next you will see 'Primary Connection Advanced Settings' here is the location where you can control the amount of your bandwidth you are going to 'allocate' to the Network itself (Allocated Bandwidth).  Default is usually set to 7KB/s Out and 10.5 KB/s In.  
In short the 'Out' here is directly related to how many other Primary users you will network with (P=  at the top of your Primary WinMX).  
The 'In' here is directly related to the number of Secondary clients you will host (S= at the top of your Primary WinMX).
Generally this will depend on your Internet Connection Speeds and resources your Computer has available.  A good balance for Broadband users is usually around 9KB/s Out and 13.5KB/s In. Some faster connections or newer computers can support higher numbers easily while other users may struggle and need lower numbers.

Remember if your Primary doesn't run well on the lowest settings here, lags, freezes up, uses a lot of computer resources, then its best to use a secondary connection instead.

Under the Allocated Bandwidth you will see 'Search Thread Priority' and 'Search Thread Duty Cycle'.  These are settings that have an effect on the Searches Per Minute (spm= at the top of your Primary WinMX).  These settings are best left as is.  Lowering the Search Thread Duty Cycle percentage can help with usage of Computer resources but has a negative effect on the network in general.  As stated above if your system struggles use Secondary rather then adjust these settings.

Last is the tick box to Allow a primary connection with a CPU lower then 266mMHz.  This is also going to have a negative effect on the network and should be left 'Unticked'.

If you need more information than provided here please visit the forum for help.
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