WinMX Community Patch - Upgrade Information And Help

Many users of existing WinMX patches will be asking  "What is this new WinMX Community Patch going to offer me that my existing patch wont ? "
I hope to explain all that and more on this page and give you all detailed reasons for making this important change, a change that will benefit the entire network.

What theWinMX Community Patch has to offer

1 -  The WinMX Community Patch will offer WPN Specific blocking as a built in feature to ensure your bandwidth is not used to flood other users of the network with.
2 -  The WinMX Community Patch also features a filtering system that ensures fake files placed on the network by flooders are not displayed so your time is not wasted.
3 -  Eagle the WinMX Community Patch writer is a trusted neutral person and has offered the same Patch for all major WinMX communities to use.
4 -  Rapid connection times, connections are now in seconds rather than minutes using some older solutions.
5 -  Universal plug and play (UPNP) compatibility to allow for automatic router setups for routers supporting the UPNP system.
6 -  DLL patch preference system removed.

The WinMX Community Patch is backed by the majority of WinMX support groups and will ensure there is no monopoly for any single group to control any of the users, we will work together as a community to ensure this democratic ideal is followed hopefully leading to an end of dramas and fighting and allowing the entire community to focus on sustaining growth and focusing on new projects that will further benefit us all.

Tell Me More AboutThe WinmxCommunity Patch

One- Blocking Network Attackers

When the flooders are allowed onto the network they take up vital spaces on the primaries that mean real secondaries cannot get connected this of course lengthens connection time as WinMX tries many other addresses to try to resolve the unconnected status, also as mentioned above fake files are uploaded into the primary clients file index and this is how you obtain them when you search.

Two- Fake Filtering System

The fake filtering system is simply a more sophisticated packet checking sytem that can look inside of the search results and remove those coming from known flooders of the network, the list can be viewed simply by telneting into any of the caches on port 7930, this means you can confirm for yourself the list is not abusing anyone except those commercial interests who abuse us.
When you do a search if you try to download one of the fake files it will only waste your time and frustrate you, this is the method they have been using since 2005, the time to rid the network of these commercial abuse groups is now.

Three- Eagle - The Man Behind The Community Patch

Eagle is an Italian programmer and is most well known for his work in creating the Eagle Server or [ES] as you may have spotted in the chat listings, what is not so well know is that he has been busy behind the scenes with designing and delivering a completely new peer cache system and has just finished the creation of this WinMX Community Patch after making many changes of the last few months to ensure its a solid and stable release.

Four- Improved Connection Times

The connection times using the WinMX Community Patch are phenomenal, most connections are made in a matter of seconds and there is no long delay waiting to get a list of primaries that may fail as they are full of flooders, the WinMX Community Patch solution is designed to demonstrate WinMX in its best light in the way many remember it, a fast and stable network connection with redundant DNS and cache servers ready to ensure you get a solid fast connection.

Five- UPNP For Your Router

The universal plug and play specification allows for an automatic setting up of portforwarding for many of the current models of router and will save much time and trouble in helping new and existing users to get started on the network with virtually zero work involved, this of course is a benefit to us all in the help rooms, the upnp setting has a timer that can be set to refresh the information to your router at different intervals and has been set for a reasonable setting based on tests so far.
More Information on WinMX Community Patch uPnp

Six- DLL Preference System

In older versions of the dll patch system a lock-out system was in place to work past a filtering issue for vista, this problem has now been resolved and means we can remove this mechanism for good.
This should speed up connections in general and remove the major delays in making third party connections with programs such as RoboMX and ShareGuard and many other programs that have been affected.

You can get the WinMX Community Patch here

I hope I have answered many of your questions here and given you an insight into why we need to move forward with this upgrade, however if you would like more information please dont hesitate to ask on the forum.

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