Problems With Secondary On WinMX - Uploads Not Working

When using Secondary and having problems with uploads (users getting files from you) there are a few things to look into.

1. The most common reason for this is the same as with Primary, usually it will be ports not set up correctly either in a router/DSL modem/firewall or WinMX itself.  Here is a page to help you get those set up correctly.
Setting Ports Up

2. Another reason for 'some' uploads to fail not all is not having any ports set up in WinMX.  Again the fix is the same here however, some users are behind routers/DSL modems they have no control over and can not set ports.
When one of these users tries a transfer from another user without ports set also, it will fail with a message 'Both Users Firewalled'. One of the two users must have ports set for WinMX to initiate the transfer.

3. The other most common reason for this is Internet Service Providers (ISPs) interfering with your use of WinMX in the name of bandwidth conservation.  If you feel you maybe one of the unlucky ones suffering this you can find out more at Internet Service Provider Issues Page.

4. Another not so common issue is when files are in use by another program and it denies users access to them.  This can cause an error when it happens on their end 'File Error>11'.  This usually was an issue with MusicMatch JukeBox, but has happened with other players.
If you have MusicMatch do this:
Go to Options > Music Library > WatchFolders > uncheck "Enable WatchFolders".
If you have songs you're sharing in any playlists of players try removing them and see if this helps.

If you are one of these users behind a NAT device (router or DSL Modem) that you are unable to configure you can still use WinMX quite effectively.  
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