Tips for Searching When On 56K

There is a great tutorial that goes over most of the important settings related to running WinMX on 56K and getting the most out of it on site already. So for this page we are going to just discuss the best tips for Searching and getting the most out of that part for you.  After all there are things that can save you hours of time.

Most importantly I think is to refine your search, to get the best files you can find.  Here is a page to help you with that Refine Your Search.

Another thing is how do you know till its finished that you even have the right file?  Often especially with larger video files you may spend weeks getting a file only to learn its not what it said it was, or not what you expected.  Luckily with WinMX you can preview incomplete files pretty easy.
For mp3 and audio files you can use a free player like WinAmp
For video files of all sorts you can get the VideoLan Client

Both of these will play incomplete files and once you have a bit of the file you can make sure its really what you need or want before spending valuable time, resources, and bandwidth on getting it complete.

This should help you utilize your resources to help get the files you want.

If you continue to have problems after trying the above please visit the forum and post your information so we can look at the issues.

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