The Column Headers Above the Results and What They Mean

Above you can see the titles of the information you will get in the actual search screen for each result.

In the picture above you see the names 'File', 'Bytes', 'Time', 'Bitrate', 'Freq', 'User', 'Speed', 'Ping', and 'Status/Server'.  First let's explain what all of these mean.

This is the name of the file, if you have the 'Show Full Paths' button depressed on the Search screen this area will have the full path of the file and name.

This is the size of the file in Bytes.

This is the Time of the file, note that this won't be applicable to files like .exe, .zip, and .rar for example.

Bitrate is the quality of the file and is also only applicable to default audio or video file types.

Freq is the Frequency of the file and again will apply to only audio or video files.

User is where you will see the name of the user that has the file available.  If there are multiple users with the same file you may see in this section 14 users, on the far left of this result you'll see a [+] sign, if you click this [+] sign it will reveal all the users names instead.  If you decide to select this file to download re click the now [-] sign then click it to download to make connections to all users.

This is where you can see the speed of the users connections in your results. You will see Cable, DSL, or 56K etc..
When there are multiple users with the same file you may see 3 + 0.  This usually means that there are 3 fairly high speeds DSL or above results and 0 lower then DSL like 56k results.

This slot will always be empty until you click the button located further up top called 'Ping On Screen Results' or the 'Ping All Results'.  This really wont effect anything its a way to test a connection between you and the users with the results.  Its not always a good indication of the speed they can deliver but if you have left results setting there for a while, ie; loaded a search then forgot till hours later it could be a good way to see what of those results are still online and available without having to preform another search.  '?' generally mean that the ping packet didn't make it back for what ever reason, so those with numbered results under 'Ping' would be ones to try.

This can give you varied information depending on what, how many multiple source results, and what networks your on.  Below is a picture to illustrate those.

Here you notice on most single results this will give you the same status you might get from a 'Whois' on each one, the 8 in queue (0 of 3 available) meaning they have 8 users in que that will be ahead of you.  They allow 3 upload slots total and 0 of those are available at this time.  
You see in this pic listed twice are '2 users with the status on this reading like '14 17 in lowest queues'.  This is showing you the lowest queues of the users that have this file, so if your in a big hurry the lower this number the better.

On either of these types if there are users with available slots this Status/Server results will show in Green and Red for the same reason as listed in Speed above.  
For example the one we see in the above picture means:
2 users 2 highspeed (DSL or above) + 0 lowspeed all with matching file.

If you happen to use OpenNap this is the area that will display the name of the Network that this user is on.  For example [Rillonap]  

I Can Not See all of these on my Screen?

Sometimes when you get over excited clicking on files to download you can actually move some of these either off the screen (from your view) totally or maybe make them so small all you see is 'Bitr...'  on the button, or worse its missing completely from the middle there.

Notice if you hover your mouse over the | marks between each word, that your mouse will use the symbol like above circled in Red.  When you see this Left Click mouse while its there and move to the right or left to make them how you like.
Try it, you can also move 'Time' to be the one on the farthest left or 'User' or set it how you like.

Is there a way to organize results?
Yes, you can simply click on the word File in this bar and it will list them alphabetically for you by file name starting with numbers then ABC, to reverse this click it again.  You can do this with any one of these settings some have more of an effect on the display then others, like Time you can list them from long to short etc..

If you continue to have problems after trying the above please visit the forum and post your information so we can look at the issues.

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