How to read the Japanese Language File Names in WinMX

What is required to make WinMX handle Japanese characters properly?
Well this question is often asked and most people find the way to do it with a lot of struggling, well we dont like struggling ourselves so lets take the most simple method.

You will need to make some adjustments in the Control Panel, specificly Regional and Language Options.

Click on the Regional and Language Options and select the Advanced tab.

The advanced section shows a drop down box that allows language settings for non-unicode programs (such as WinMX), this will need to be set to show Japanese in the selection box,
you will need to apply this change.

You may at this point be asked to insert Your XP CD and to reboot your system.

Ok thats half of the job done, now on to the WinMX side of things.

First we need to make our way to the WinMX Settings tab.

From here Click on the word Appearance and look to the left panel to see the 3 Fonts that will need to be adjusted (Normal, Dynamic and Large).

You will need to adjust all 3 to either MS PMincho or MS PGothic as both these offer Shift-JIS Support, also set the lower box marked Script as below to Japanese.

You will now need to restart Your WinMX for the changes to take effect.

If all is well you should now be able to read the Japanese characters instead of the cryptic jumbles of text that western language programs throw up.

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