How to Use The Auto Find Sources Or Auto Enter Que On The Search Screen

These settings are normally left as set up in the main Settings for Search defaults it is possible to adjust them from the 'Search' screen for particular searches.

Above you'll see the Auto Find Sources in Red and the Auto Enter Que in Blue.  

Auto Find Sources

This setting can be set when for example you only want to get a file from one person, although admitidly at this moment I can't think why normal users would, we use this in the help room at times to check users uploads and of course it doesn't do us any good to get it from other sources.  

So we might set this to 'Never' when we dont want to recieve the file from anyone else.  This will of course not affect the default settings you have for this.  You may not want it to look for sources as often as normal and that can be set here.  10min is the interval that is recommened for normal use.

Auto Enter Que

This setting can be used to set the number of a person's que you will enter.  If you normally have this set to say 50, you may want to increase that for a video file (which generally have larger queues).

The recommened settings on this is 100 to make sure that you do infact at least get in line for files with users that have popular files.

If you continue to have problems after trying the above please visit the forum and post your information so we can look at the issues.

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