Help and Information Any Connectiong Menu When Searching

Above you see the drop down option menu on the Search screen, this option is pretty simple to understand really.  This will alow you to filter your Search results to a specific connection speed.

To be honest on almost 99% of occasions you will simply leave this set to 'Any Connection' because there are not real good reasons to limit yourself in this way.  Ive had plenty of times where slower connections have less que and are the ones I wound up getting files from.  With the way Interent Service Providers are throttling speeds for users on Broadband its just as possible to find them slow too.  I also think its worth noting here that most clients that report as a T1 or faster are in fact not, so this wont really help you get files faster.

If you continue to have problems after trying the above please visit the forum and post your information so we can look at the issues.

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