Files That May Be Contained In the WinMX Folder

Here is a list of files you may find in your Program Files\WinMX folder, for most folks this is located in the main drive C:\Program Files\WinMX folder and that is the default installion location of the WinMX Program. Keep in mind you may not have all of these depending on the different versions of WinMX, Patches, and other features you use with WinMX.

settings.dat file:
This file holds all of your current settings that you have set in WinMX, including your ports you use, whether you're on primary or secondary, your user name, your favorite rooms you have, and your general configuration settings.  All versions of WinMX need this file.
TIP: It's not a bad idea to keep a copy of this file in a folder tucked away in case you loose WinMX or need to reinstall.  Even WinMX crashing can kill your Settings.dat file.  Simply 'right click' the file and choose Copy, then Paste this in a safe place for use later, you can also do this with any of your .dat files for safe keeping.

library.dat(for v3.31 & v3.53) or lib4.dat (for v3.54 b4) file:
This file contains a list of your shared files and the path to those on your machine. This file does NOT contain the actual files, it's like a shortcut for WinMX to use to find them, so you don't have to reshare your files every time you start up.  
TIP: It's a helpful hint that if you accidently click the 'Scan for Media' button deleting this file with WinMX off and restart then reshare the correct files is the fastest way to remove those type of mistakes.

ignore.dat file:
This file stores your Ignored users data so that you dont have to readd them everytime you start up.  This file will hold 512 names then start removing the oldest as new ones are added.

colors.dat file:
This holds your current color scheme, this is not to be confused with the colors you have set up in the Appearence portion of Settings.  This is if you have downloaded or used a .clr file for your WinMX and changed it that way.  If you don't have this file dont panic, its not essential but, if you would like to learn more about color schemes for WinMX read here:
Adding Color to your WinMX

uninstall.exe file:
This will uninstall your WinMX program for you.  A common misconception is that this will remove any files you are sharing or have downloaded, this is not the case.  This simply removes the WinMX Program from your Program Files Location.

cfg.txt file:
This is a file you will only see if you have actually hosted a room on WinMX and saved the config as a number such as 'cfg1.txt'.  These are the room name, topic, and other settings you kept and can be reused by typing /loadcfg1  into your channel while hosting.  This is the correct one for both 3.53 or later.

oledlg.dll file:
This is the file that contains your connection fix if you use the WinMX Community Patch.

oledlg.ini file:
This file is created by the WinMX Community Patch, it contains some of the settings that are user controled, such as the ability to disable the <FSR= BC=> from being displayed, or disable upnp, and others.  You can open this file with notepad and make adjustments.

opennapconfig.dat file:
This file saves your configurations for OpenNap, if you have never used it then you won't have this file.  This contains the user name, any passwords, and a list of servers currently loaded to connect to so that you don't have to reload all of those each time.

contacts.dat file:
This keeps your Permenant HotList of contacts for the OpenNap Network.  This only works for OpenNap as there is no way to permenantly keep contacts from the WinMX Networks.  

ws2_32.dll file or olepro32.dll:
These files may be present if you used/use an older version of the connection fix from WinMX Group (v1.9 or v2.x).

If you use BendMX you may also see the following files in this folder:


If you use RCMS you may also see the following files in this folder:


That's pretty much the majority of files you should/could see in your WinMX folder,
if you have others or questions about these please visit the forums and post there.
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