Here is a Great way to add a little colour to your Winmx

Relax , the colours you know and love are safe , but for those wanting a change why not try a new colour scheme on your WinMX ?
Heres how to do it.

Go to the Settings on the main WinMX page , then select Appearance from the list on the left. That will show you this panel

Now is the time to 1 Save Current Color Scheme To File (might not like the new style ).
Next press the 2 Search For Color Scheme Files , this will take you to the search page ,(remember to press the Search button  ) you will see lots of files to choose from.

Once you have downloaded a few, its a simple matter of  pressing the 3 Load Current Colour Scheme From File, and import the file into Mx

Now you can change colours of your WinMX as you change your moods.  Easy!!

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