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A Browse is a way to see the entire list of files shared by one user.  A Whois is a way to see how many files are being shared, how long someone has been online and other information.  You can do this several ways, just about anywhere you can see a user's full name (with ID Numbers) you can 'right click' that name and choose 'Browse' or 'Whois'.

Keep in mind that in the Browse window if you're using Secondary only 3000 files will show for you even if that user is sharing 35,000 files.  If you're on Primary then the amount can be up to 5000 files.  
Note:  People often ask if it's possible to share more then 5000 files on WinMX, the answer is Yes, however, only 3000/5000 can be seen in a browse, they will show up in search results though.

As mentioned above WinMX needs to see the entire name 'Name_123_54567' (full name with WinMX ID Numbers) to be able to get this information.  Often when a Whois/Browse fails it's due to you or the user you're browsing changing ID numbers.  This will happen for a Secondary user every time they get a new primary.  For a Primary user it will only happen when they restart WinMX.

That in mind if you find that the Whois or Browse fails the best thing to do is to refresh your connection from the 'Networks' page, or wait until your WinMX refreshes their information.  This can be difficult and the best way to 'keep in touch' with other users you browse often is to have a mutual Chat Room to meet in.  This way you can easily get their updated information or they can get yours.

Name Too Long Browse/Whois Fails
The name can also affect the ability to browse or whois other users, WinMX has a limit of 39 characters this includes the name, color codes (very common in the past few years), spaces, and the ID numbers of which there are 8 (123_12345).  If your name is over this limit then other users will not be able to browse or whois you.  Shorten your Name and try if you're having this problem.

Browse/Whois Not Visable
Another common issue that users see is the information is trying to be accessed but they can't seem to see it. Meaning that you see the tab above with the user's name but when you click it the box never seems to open.  It is actually opening but it's opening off the screen and you just cant see it.  The fix for this is to choose either the WinMX Icon near the clock or the one in the title bar, right click it and choose 'Reset All Windows'.

Ghost Files??
Finally, you may have heard the term 'ghost files', this is a term we have given to files that show up in a person's browse (secondary user), that are not acutally being shared by said person.  They are usually porn files for some reason and often get folks that would never dream of sharing such files banned from rooms and generally very upset.  There is an easy fix and that is for the user to go to the 'Networks' page and click the 'Refresh' button.  Once the user has reconnected the files will not appear.  
The reason for these files in basic general terms, when you're a Secondary user, you connect and upload a list of your shared files to a Primary user.  This Primary user is then in charge of sending your shared files list to anyone requesting it, somehow these files get mixed in with your results.  

If you continue to have problems after trying the above please visit the forum and post your
information so we can look at the issues.
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