How to use the WinMX 3.5X series Client for Chat

Some people have asked for a little help with making use of the chat rooms, so without further ado lets get you started, talking to the friends you havent yet made.

How to find the chat rooms
Lets locate the Chat button and get a channel listing.

At this point you will be asked to agree to bear in mind that some rooms are adult in nature and thats no one controls any of the rooms except the room host themselves, although you will probably be surprised by the wide amount of family, music and movie oriented rooms avialable.

The window will now change and you will see this view, please wait a little for the list to reach a good number, there is approximately 2000+ rooms but on average an initial listing of 1200 is reasonable.

Filtering Methods
This is a standard view of the channel listing and theres a few ways to help navigate our way around the room names a little faster.

Any of these tabs can be clicked on to align the relevant column to a cascading display order of either abc or zyx room names, rooms with most users or the fewest can be made to appear in an numerical order or topics alphabetically (this provides a good way to filter by chat server type also).

If you know some of the room name or numbers it is possible to use the Filter button (in green below) and enter the text in the text entry box (in light blue below), this is the most popular method for rooms that change hosts now and then (if the host changes IP address the numbers in the room name change also).

You will notice for the privacy of the room hosts in the examples I have removed the room numbers (the blue patches) that are a hash of the hosts IP and TCP Port number.

How to join a chat room
There are two ways to join the chat room one is to right click on the room name to see the small menu and the other is to click on the room name and click the Join button.

Favorites button
If you visit a chat room regularly theres a simple way to get winmx to return you to the same room without waiting for the list to load each time, this is by using the Favorites button.

You need only click on this button and a list of the favorite rooms you have selected is available, to add a room to this list you will need to either add it from the join menu as shown above or you can also add it while your in the chat room itself by clicking on the Command button and selecting Add To Favorites

I hope this guide helps you find the room your looking for and you find some new friends in the community.

A word of warning for new chatters : Please do not swap personal information and be suspicious of folks asking for it, this includes real names, phone numbers and your address, following this simple advice will allow you to enjoy your time in the chat rooms and help avoid situations you may not be comfortable with.

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