WinMX Can Not Make A Network Connection: Flashing Yellow

There are three main areas to cover for reasons and circumstances why you may get this, please see the appropriate section below.

1) Its been fine and suddenly now it won't connect.

One of the most common reasons for WinMX to be unable to get a Green working Network Connection is the upgrade or change within the program.  For example an upgrade from v3.53 to v3.54 is seen as a threat or hijacking by most worm protections or firewalls, causing it to block the access to the Internet locally on your machine.

The first thing to try is to remove WinMX from your Firewall of choice's rules, restart the program and let it ask you if you would like to give this access to the Internet, obviously say yes.

Be sure if you don't normally use the built in Firewall of Windows XP that you check its either off or configured correctly.
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Second most common problem is a patch that is out of date or a patch that is hard coded for IP addresses of peer caches to use to connect (Hosts files), and then those are no longer working peer caches.  The easiest fix for this would be to get a new download of the most current patch from here:
WinMX Community Patch
Get the Installer for the version of WinMX you use now.

If these two things have not worked for you please visit the forum and post to get help as there are other possibilites for this.
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2) I Haven't used WinMX before, or its been a while since I did.

If you have never 'patched' your WinMX or you have installed a version from across the many links to WinMX version before the patches where needed then you may need to add a patch to yours to get it to connect.
If you need to patch an existing installation of WinMX or need a fresh copy to install patched go here:
WinMX Community Patch
Whether you need just to re patch an existing WinMX or install a new working patched WinMX, just simply choose the installer for ther version you have/would like, and downlaod, then run.

3) I Have just installed a patched version of WinMX and it wont connect.

This can happen if you have accidentally during the setup wizard changed the OutGoing TCP connection method to a proxy.  Please go to the WinMX Settings > Outgoing TCP Connection and be sure the first option is ticked 'Don't Use A Proxy Server (Connect Directly)'.

If you continue to have problems after trying the above please visit the forum and post your
information so we can look at the issues.
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