Running WinMX under WINE

Most Linux distributions have their own WINE packages but you can also get the latest release from WineHQ:

With current WINE versions 1.0 and above WinMX will run almost "out of the Box".
The only thing not working properly is bringing windows back to front with the top tabs like settings, browses etc.
Once they're in the background you need to move aside the main window to find them again, they get hidden behind it.
Other than that WinMX runs flawlessly for days, maybe even better than on Windows.

You can simply use the installers from the WinMX Community Patch Page to setup your WinMX just like on windows or you can just drop the OLEDLG.DLL in your existing WinMX folder.

Upon first running WinMX it will prompt you to install Gecko, the mozilla HTML engine, so the status bar can be displayed properly.

Once that's installed WinMX will run but not connect and the status bar will not be shown yet.

For this to work you need to tell WINE to use the OLEDLG.DLL in the Winmx folder that contains the patch and comes with the installer instead of the one supplied with WINE.

WINE comes with a configuration tool that may be available in the Menu somewhere, depending on your distribution.
If you can't find it just use the option to "Run Command..." from the start menu or open a console window.

In both cases just type in winecfg and hit enter.

In the Applications tab make sure WINE is set to use Windows XP as it's windows version.

In the Libraries tab you need to select oledlg from the list and click on "Add" to create a new override.

Once it shows under existing overrides you need to hit the "OK" button and you're done.

Now WinMX should connect and the update bar should be shown as normal.

If you continue to have problems after trying the above please visit the forum and post your information so we can look at the issues.
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