Help and Information About Chat on WinMX

Chat is a wonderful way to spend some time with other like minded users, find files your looking for from rooms like movie rooms or ebook rooms, and meet ppl all over the world you'd never have the opportunity to meet if it wasn't for WinMX. That said here is a list of some helpful guides and tips to cure problems you're having or just get more information about Chat on WinMX.

      WinMX Chat Related Issues
                  Help and Information for Chat Room List Problems
                  Finding Rooms/Using the Filter Bar
                  Entering Rooms/Using Favorites
                  Logging Chat With WinMX
                  A Guide For New Chatters Do's/Dont's
                  Basic Hosting With WinMX
                  Room You Host Not In Chat List
                  Basic Chat Commands
                  Harassment On WinMX

      Chat Servers Only
                  Entering Room you Host with LoopBack Hash

If you continue to have problems after trying the above please visit the forum and post your information so we can look at the issues.

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