Help and Information for Chat Room List Problems

There are two major issues that users are most likely to encounter when not getting a decent chat room list.  Most of the time at present you should see typically between 1300 and 1500 chat rooms listed at any one time.  This number will vary for many reasons.  Below are a few tips and fixes for making sure you get a full list.

First of all its important to know if you are using Primary connection to WinMX or a Secondary one as the client will handle getting the list differently, and the fixes for poor lists are different as well.

For Secondary users:  It's quite simple, you are connected to the WinMX Peer Network through a primary user somewhere in the world.  This user is responsible for handling your request for a chat list, if for some reason you feel your not getting a good list its time to 'fire' this primary and get a new one.

For Instructions on how to do this please open this page:
Secondary on WinMX - Poor Search/Chat List Results

For Primary Users:  For Primary there are a few things that can cause Chat list problems.  For you the fix will depend on whether or not your getting a partial list (100 - 500 rooms) or if you are getting 1-2 or more likely 0 rooms listing.

For those Getting None or 1-2 rooms only listing, this is more than likely caused by ports not being set up correctly in either your router/modem or firewall.  If this is the case you're probably not getting any search results either and things are not going to get any better with your uploads until we can get this matter sorted for you.  For this issue please visit this page:
Primary Connection - No Searches/Chat List

If your getting a partial list of anything from 100 - 500 rooms only at a time while on Primary Connection to WinMX this is a bit more difficult to fix.  The problem is this, while your using WinMX as Primary your Chat Room List is handled via UDP.  Because UDP can be used as an attack weapon some firewalls or routers/modems protect you from large amounts of traffic coming in via this protocol.  Even if you go in and allow WinMX in the firewalls or router/modems that do this they will still 'limit' the amount allowed to pass to you, which is why you get a partial list and not 0 showing.  Unfortunately for those users that are having this problem there is no real cure, there is however a way to work around this issue.

If when you start your WinMX, begin as Secondary and get yourself a decent Chat list (secondary gets its list via TCP which doesn't cause this issue) and then once that list has loaded switch your WinMX back to Primary  before you enter any of your favorite rooms, this list will be fairly accurate for many hours and can be used by most for the duration of their time online.

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