Having Problems with Other Users On WinMX

WinMX is a Decentralized network, what this means is that there are no central servers where files are kept, where users are monitored.  When you connect to the network you are connected via the WinMX Peer Network (WPN) to thousands of other users.  The network is made up of and maintained by users.

Chat rooms are also on this decentralized network and hosted from users own machines, for this reason there is absolutely no control in place for what happens in them.  From harassment to cloning of rooms to stealing of names etc...

I think it a good time to mention what I've always said, WinMX is much like the rest of the world out side, there are some oddballs, strange ones, fun ones, mad ones, ones you'll hate but mostly of the users on WinMX are helpful and friendly like anywhere else.

That being said Online Harassment is a crime in almost all areas of the world, and ISP's do take the matter seriously usually.  So the thing to do about this is get the persons information if you can IP address and time of harassment and get the Abuse contact information for the persons ISP.  Here is a good lookup site if you need one to find the Provider of the IP.
Network Tools.com

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